Double Room in Amsterdam’s City Center

2 guests ♥ Apartment ♥ 1 bed ♥ own bathroom

Entire home
Clean as a whistle
House rules
Excellent Hospitality
Flexible check in

Minimum stay: 3 nights ♥ Daily rates: € 220 – € 299
♥ Weekly rates: € 999 – € 1.750

Information about the Double Room apartment

Here you can find information about the apartment and the neighborhood. From the best restaurants to the most interesting museums. Best bars and best shopping areas. Here you can place everything you want.

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*3 night stay minimum


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Have a look at the amenities that we offer you in the Double Room.


1 bed
Coffee machine
Kitchen facilities


Swimming pool
Free parking
Lots to do!
Shops (very) nearby


Radio / Music player

Good to know

House rules
Check in: 15.00 uur
Check out: 11.00 uur
Long term stays (28 days or more) are allowed
No smoking
No pets
Strict COVID-19 rules
Wheelchair friendly
Fire extinghuisher
First aid kit
Smoke free
Cancellation policy
Free cancellation when you cancel your stay within 48 hours. You will get a free and full refund.

Contact information

Casa Binngo – Amsterdam
Name host: Luís
Hoofdstraat 1, Amsterdam

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